BioCare Group

              S.P.E.C.       Service           Installation


          Field Services for Asceptic Process Facilities

            Sanitary Welders, Millwrights and PipeFitters


Pipefitting Process Tube installation/modification, Spring Checks

Welding - Orbital, Tig, Mig, Stick 

Pumps/Agitators/Line Components - Installation, Repair, Procure ment  

PID translation Iso mapping of field modifications (red line)  

Troubleshooting Provide multiple solutions for each suggestion       

Punch list completion ease transition from construction to production

Hydrostatic Assurance, Passivation Always with documentation             

 All activity performed is in strict accordance with ASME VIII, BPE, ASME IX (Welding), ANSI B31.3 (piping) and GMP regulations 21 CFR 210-211.

 All work is ably documented to support validation requirements


855 Alness St. U-23                    

Toronto, ON, CANADA                             

M3J 2X3                                                      


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Cell: (416) 953-8479                         Cell: (416) 802-9139                            

Fax: (416) 850-5163                         Fax: (416) 850-5163                                      


Preventative, General and Emergency Services